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Come in and check out our new 4 ft x 16 ft HO layout.  

The Depot is a Christian owned rail road themed restaurant with pictures on the wall showing the history of the railroad that once ran threw the town of New Virginia, as well as the history of the town of New Virginia, IA. One of the focal points of the restaurant is the BBQ express an O gauge model train which runs all the way around the dining room. A must see for all ages! The Depot serves a variety of home cooking comfort food. The Depot  specializes in smoked meats and BBQ. 

                                                       The Depot Rail Road

Name: The BBQ Express

Train: Pennsylvania flyer

Gauge: O

Track: 3 rail post WWII 0 Gauge

Track length 110 feet

Transformer: 100 watts 6 amp

Board feet: 210 feet

140 wood screws

½ gallon of wood stain

Approximately 100 hours of planning and work to construct.

Inaugural run January 16 at 18:05 (6:05 pm).

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